Meda Prototype …

I was unfortunately ill and wasn’t able to physically set up my work, so I will be leaving a detail analysis of how I am planning on doing so with pictures and videos as prompts.

I found this topic very out of my comfort zone and difficult to wrap my head around with relation to all the different motors and interactive aspects, so this is my prototype prompted with similar ideals to the “after an earthquake” piece.

So my idea is to encourage the themes of challenging your surroundings and making a space into another world without leaving the room, relating to the “after an earthquake” as it put you in a scenario and surroundings challenging your mind to want to believe you are somewhere you aren’t or to reminisce in a different space. Lecture 10 provoked the ideals of experiencing space and how the audience can be encapsulating in works if there are different architecture almost of a work, creating a space into another and enlightening those senses. I really tried to bring this into my work through the use of the fort as a shield from where they would be exhibiting the work and turn it into somewhere else for a moment.

With this my work consisted of creating a space that is similar to a childhoods make shift fort or camp space that we all use to build in our room as a child but also incorporating visuals of the memories as the key theme of the work, as if dreams and reality were to mix, merging the two in a translucent way. This work is interactive as the audience can both see the visuals of the enviroment, they then can also lay inside the make shift fort to fully be encapsulated within the art work and hopefully allow their thoughts to provoke memories.

I feel as this work encapsulates the audience in the same way as an earthquake room but in the opposite construct, that in my work its calm and young, the sense of innocence children have contrasting from the realities you try and hide in ways from children being earthquakes, yet the walls of the fort being fragile.

Next time I want to focus on possibly delving into different ways of working with a projector, I’m lucky I have one at home to work with and it allows me to test the waters and lastly to possibly focus more on how to creating an object or motor to enhance it. I’m not entirely happy with this work and it doesn’t really feel like what I usually produce so I’d like to go back to the drawing board but happy I experiment more.

Here images and videos that were set up in my home of what the installation piece.



Emma Swords




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